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Assets: add, edit, & delete resource icons

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What are resource icons?

Resource icons are small images that you can help convey additional info about an asset. For example, a padlock icon could indicate that a database is restricted to campus users only, or a heart icon could indicate a favorite book. Each icon can optionally link to a URL, too. Taking that padlock icon as an example, you could link to a guide that has info for logging into databases from off campus. You can add resource icons when creating or editing the following types of assets:

NOTE: Only Admin users and regular users with the Manage Assets permission (CMS only) can add & manage resource icons.

Adding resource icons

  1. Go to Content > Assets.
  2. Click on the Icons tab.
  3. Click the  Add Icon button.
  4. In the Add/Edit Icon window, click on the Select Icon button and upload the image you want to use.
    • Not sure what format to use? PNG images tend to work really well for icons.
  5. In the Description field, enter a brief description of what the icon represents. This will be displayed in the image's title attribute, so it will display when hovering over the icon in your guides.
  6. Optionally, enter a URL if you would like the icon to link to another page.
  7. Click the Save button.

Managing resource icons

  1. To see how many assets are using an icon, look at the Content Count column.
  2. To edit an icon, click on its Edit () icon in the Actions column.
    • Changes you make will be reflected in all assets using the icon.
  3. To delete an icon, click on its Delete () icon in the Actions column.
    • This will permanently remove the icon from the system and it will no longer display next to any assets using it.

Navigating to the Icons tab

Clicking the Add Icon button

Adding a new icon