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Guides: add a guide list asset to a guide

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Guide List assets allow you to quickly and easily create lists of other guides in your system. You can create lists of guides by subject, owner, or group (if you have CMS), as well as custom lists of manually selected guides. For subject, owner, and group lists, these will update automatically as guides are added and removed from the corresponding subjects, owners, or groups.

  • Each guide in your list will include its title (which links to the guide), owner (which links to their profile), last updated date, and the number of views it's received this year (updated daily).
  • Guide List assets can only include published guides from your own LibGuides system. Guides assigned to the Internal Guide or Template Guide types will also not be included.
  • Unlike other asset types, Guide List assets cannot be reused. If you would like to create reusable guide lists, or more customizable lists, we recommend using Guides widgets instead. Once you have the code for your widget, you can add it to your guide using a Media/Widget asset.

Add a new guide list to a guide

To create a brand new guide list asset from scratch and add it to your guide:

  1. While editing your guide, click on the  Add / Reorder button at the bottom of the box where you want add this.
  2. Select Guide List from the dropdown menu.

Selecting Guide List from the Add/Reorder dropdown

  1. From the List Type dropdown, select the type of guide list you want to create.
    • Manually Selected Guides: you will be able to select individual published guides to build a custom list.
    • Guides in a Subject: you can select to display published guides assigned to a specific subject category.
    • Guides by User: you can select to display published guides owned by a specific user.
    • Guides by Group: if you have LibGuides CMS, you can choose to display published guides assigned to a specific Public or Restricted group.
  2. From the Selection(s) dropdown, select the guides, subject, user, or group (depending upon your select list type) to display in the list.
    1. If you chose the Manually Selected Guides list type, you can rearrange the list of guides by dragging and dropping each guide in the list.
  3. ​Use the Position option to choose where the new asset should be inserted in the box. (Don't worry: you can always reorder it later.)
  4. Click the Save button.

Creating a new Guide List asset

Edit and remove a guide list in a guide

  1. To manage a guide list, click on the its Edit () icon.
    1. To customize the guide list's settings, select  Edit.
    2. To remove the RSS feed from your guide, select  Remove.
      • Note: This will permanently remove the guide list from your system and cannot be undone. (Don't worry: it will not delete the actual guides in the list.)

Options for editing a Guide List