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How to add and edit Google Search assets

What should I use it for?

Google Search assets allow you to embed Google search boxes directly into your guides. You can configure each asset to search either Google, Google Books, Google Scholar, or Google Patents. Results will open in a new window, allowing users to continue searching without losing their place in your guide.

What shouldn't I use it for?

These cannot be used for Google Custom Search. If your website uses Custom Search, Google provides code you can use to embed a search box in your guide. Once you have the code for your website's search box, you can add it to your guide using a Media/Widget asset.

Add a new Google search box to a guide

To create a brand new Google Search asset from scratch and add it to your guide:

  1. While editing your guide, click on the  Add / Reorder button at the bottom of the box where you want add this.
  2. Select Google Search from the dropdown menu.
  3. From the Search Type dropdown, select the type of search box you want to create.
  4. If you would like to specify a default search query for the box, enter it in the Default Query field.
    • This query will be prefilled when the search box loads.
    • Users will still be able to modify or replace that query if desired.
  5. If you selected Scholar as the Search Type, you can run the search results page through your proxy server by setting the Use Proxy option to Yes.
    • When enabled, LibGuides will automatically prepend your proxy URL to the search URL, allowing users to view content found within your electronic resources.
    • Note: this requires your Admin to provide your library's proxy URL in your LibGuides system settings.
  6. ​Use the Position option to choose where the new asset should be inserted in the box. (Don't worry: you can always reorder it later.)
  7. Click the Save button.

Selecting Google Search from the Add/Reorder dropdown

Creating a new Google Search asset

Edit and remove a Google search box in a guide

  1. To manage a Google Search asset, click on the its Edit () icon.
    1. To customize the search box's settings, select  Edit.
    2. To remove the search box from your guide, select  Remove.
      • Note: This will permanently remove the search box from your system and cannot be undone.

Options for editing a Google Search asset

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