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What is the A-Z Database List?

Benefits for staff users

The LibGuides A-Z Database List provides a powerful interface for your patrons to browse, sort, search, and share your library's research databases. Behind the scenes, it also gives you a bunch of helpful tools to make managing your databases easier than ever before:

  • Import / update databases from a spreadsheet or Serials Solutions/Intota.
  • ​Reuse databases from the LibGuides community.
  • Organize and filter databases by subject category, type, and vendor.
  • Improve search results by adding alternative names or keywords to databases.
  • Help users critically evaluate resources by adding descriptions.
  • Profile your new, trial, and popular databases to improve discovery.
  • Inform users of permitted uses for each resource with customizable license permissions.
  • Hide individual databases from your public A-Z Database List.
  • Add internal notes to log important information or reminders.
  • Analyze your database holdings by subject, by vendor, and even within the LibGuides community. 

Benefits for patrons

One of the best parts about LibGuides (okay, we're a little biased) is the public A-Z Database List. This provides your patrons with a powerful interface to browse, search, and filter through all of your visible database assets. 

  • Filter by Name, Subject, Database Type, and Vendor. 
  • Search for databases by Name, Description, More Info, and Alternative Names/Keywords.
  • Profile your New, Trial, and Popular databases.
  • Highlight resources that are the Best Bets in every subject area.
  • Easily share and email database links.
    • Note: the A-Z Database List no longer uses database links containing /go.php (e.g. Instead, the database URL or friendly URL is used.
    • If you were using these /go.php database links elsewhere, worry not! These will continue to work. :)  However, we do recommend replacing them with the actual database URL or friendly URL if you can.

Accessing the public A-Z Database List page

Via its direct URL

You can access your A-Z list directly by adding /az.php to the end of your LibGuides URL.

For example:

From the LibGuides default homepage

If you add the A-Z Database List box to your homepage, your patrons can access your A-Z List with the click of a button.

  • Want to customize the text in this box? You can do this in your LibGuides Language Options.
  • Under Admin > Look & Feel > Language Options > Language Customizations, edit Key IDs 29-31 under Global.

A-Z List box on the homepage

From the staff side of LibGuides

You can also preview your public A-Z List while managing your databases. Under Content > A-Z Database List > Databases, click on the Preview A-Z List link to launch your public A-Z List in a new window.

As you add and edit your databases, this allows you to see how your changes will look to your patrons.

Preview the public A-Z list

Example of the public A-Z Database List page

Below is a screenshot of the A-Z Database List page, which your patrons will use to browse, filter, and search your collection of database assets.

  • The top of the page features filters by subject, database type, and vendor.
    • Patrons will also find a search box, where they can search by relevance for keywords in the Database Name; Alternative Name(s) & Keywords; Description; More Info; and Library Review fields.
      • Please note: submitting a search will clear any selected filters..
    • In addition, patrons will see options to filter the list of databases by title, alphabetically.
    • When filtering by subject, databases designated as Best Bets will be profiled at the top of the list above other databases in that subject.
  • If provided, each database can display the following information:
    • Name
    • Alternative name(s) & keywords
    • Description & more info
    • Librarian review
    • Permitted uses
    • Resource icons
    • New, trial, and/or popular designation
  • Each database has a sharing option, allowing patrons to easily copy and share the link to that database.
  • The sidebar on the A-Z Database page can contain a LibChat widget, a box highlighting databases designated as Popular, and another box highlighting databases assigned as New or Trial.

To see a real life example, check out our training site's A-Z Database List. (Keep in mind that, since this site is for training purposes, most database links won't actually work.)

The public A-Z database list

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