Importing and updating databases from Serials Solutions or Intota

In addition to creating databases manually, you can also import databases -- either from a spreadsheet template, or from your Serials Solutions/Intota system.

If you're just starting out with the LibGuides A-Z list, importing your databases can save you a lot time compared to creating each database individually. You can also use subsequent imports to keep your databases up to date, as well!

When importing from Serials Solutions or Intota, the following fields will be retrieved for each database.

Serials Solutions Field LibGuides Field Notes
DatabaseID hidden field How we identify that the database came from Serials Solutions and which database it is.
CustomDatabaseName Name When provided, CustomDatabaseName is used.
Name Name Used when/if CustomDatabaseName is empty.
DatabaseDescription Description When provided, Database Description is used.
ShortDescription Description Used when/if DatabaseDescription is empty.
LongDescription More Info  
SubscriptionStatus   Controls whether or not we import the database; items marked as "Archived", "Cancelled" or "Subscription Declined" are ignored during the import.

Importing databases

  1. Go to Content > A-Z Database List.
  2. Under the Databases tab, click on  Import / Update Databases.
  3. Choose Serials Solutions from the Import Source drop-down.
  4. Select the databases that you wish to import or update
    • To select all databases, click the checkbox at the top of the first column.
    • Click that checkbox again to deselect all databases.
    • A note will appear if a database is unable to be imported.
  5. Click Process Selected button at the bottom of the screen.
    • When the update is finished, the list will refresh. 
    • Any action performed on a database will be listed in the Notes field.

Can I update databases using this function?

Yes! After you select the import source, you can check the box next to databases you want to update.

What happens if I update a database directly in LibGuides, and then update it later with Serials Solutions?

If you check that database to be updated, then the title, URL, description, and more information will be overwritten. However, if you want to preserve the changes you made manually, just leave that database unchecked.

Custom descriptions added to a mapping of a database in a guide are not overwritten during updates.

Clicking on Import / Update Databases

Selecting Serials Solutions as the import source

Processing selected databases

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