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Groups: Language options

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Customize a group's base language translation

LibGuides is in English by default, but that doesn't mean it has to stay that way on all public pages or in specific groups. If you/your users speak a language other than English, or you want to set up a subset of your site in another language, you can set the labels on a group's public pages to be in that language.

Creating groups for other languages also allows you to have homepages that are language based.

  1. Go to Admin > Groups.
  2. Locate the group you want to customize and click on its Edit () icon in the Actions column.

edit icon for a group

  1. Click on the Language Options tab.
  2. In the Base Language box, select the language that will be used for the public pages in the group (the homepage, guides, etc.) from the dropdown list.
    •  If your language is not listed, please contact the Springy Support team and we will work with you to create the base language file for your language.
  3. Click Save.

changing the base language for a group

Additional language customization options

If you want to change some of the wording for your group, no matter the Base Language being used, you can use the group-level language customizations.  The language customization options allow you to tweak labels for pages related to the group: group homepages, guides within a group, and the related global elements.

  1. Click on the the Language Customization panel to expand it.
  2. Labels are organized by area (i.e. homepage, guide pages, etc.). Click on the panel containing the label you want to customize.
    1. Key Id: The ID of the label in the system - helpful for troubleshooting / looking at accompanying screenshots.
    2. Base Language Value: The default language for that label.
    3. Key Description: A description of what the label is / where it is in the system (not available for all labels).
    4. Locations: Screenshot showing where that label is in the system.
  3. Enter your Custom Value for a field.
    • Some fields require keywords/anchor links in order to display some information properly, so be sure to include them if you customize those values! The appropriate keywords/anchor tags are displayed in the Base Language Value column.
      • Example: {{list_count}} - Headings at the top of lists show how many of something are in the list.
    • If you don't see a label you expect to see in a section, try the Global section, as that label might be used in multiple places!
  4. Click Save.

language customization options for the group homepage