What is the A-Z Community?

The A-Z Community (CMS only) is a curated list of databases that have been added to LibGuides by libraries across the globe. In other words, think of this as the A-Z List for the entire LibGuides community!

This is a powerful resource that allows admin users to:

  • Compare your own database holdings against the entire LibGuides community.
    • You can see how many libraries have a database in their own A-Z List and how many have considered it a Best Bet for at least one subject category.
    • You can also see how many libraries have designated a database as a New, Trial, or Popular resource, as well.
  • Add databases from the Community to your own A-Z Database List.
    • Just like reusing an asset in your guides, adding a database from the community can save you time!
    • This will add a new database to your A-Z List with the database's name, vendor, and description already filled in!
  • Share reviews of databases with your colleagues in the LibGuides community.
    • Each database in your A-Z database list has a Library Review field. This allows you to add a review about the database to share with the LibGuides community.
    • These reviews will be available when a user views a database in the A-Z Community list. The next time you're considering adding or trialing a new database, these reviews can help you make a more informed decision!
  • Maintain informative and authoritative database descriptions.
    • In addition to sharing reviews, members of the LibGuides community can also add and update descriptions for any database in the A-Z Community.
    • This helps everyone provide accurate and informative database descriptions to their patrons :)

Getting there

  1. Go to Content > A-Z Database List.
  2. Click on the A-Z Community tab.

Selecting A-Z Database List from the Content dropdown

Clicking the A-Z Community tab

Browsing the A-Z Community

The A-Z Community contains thousands of databases. To locate a specific database, you can filter the list by keywords in a database's Name, Vendor, and/or Description fields. You can also sort the list by those same fields, as well as by the Inst. Count field (which is the number of libraries who've added that database).

For each database in the list, the Have It? field will indicate whether or not you have already added that resource to your LibGuides A-Z Database List (Y = Yes, N = No).

  • To view more information about a database: click on the Name of the database.
  • To view a list of titles from a vendor: click on the Vendor of a database.
    • This will show you a list of all of the databases assigned to that vendor in the A-Z Community.
    • To view more information about an individual database, click on the Name of the database.

Navigating the A-Z Community tab

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