Replying to a discussion board post

Discussion boards in LibGuides are threaded, which means that your reply will be nested under the specific post you reply to. This makes it easy to navigate through different levels of a discussion and reply to the proper post.

Replying to a specific post

  1. Click on the  Reply link in the lower right corner of the post to open the Reply panel. When creating the reply you can:
    1. Content: use the Rich Text Editor to add content to your post.
    2. Attach a file: if you'd like to share a file in your reply, you can upload files up to 20MB in size.
    3. Keep me updated via e-mail: you can choose to receive email notifications when someone replies to your post.
  2. Click the Reply button when you're done.

add a new reply to a post

Replying to the original post

Replies to the original post of the thread can be started by:

  1. Clicking the Reply link in the lower right corner of the original post.
  2. Clicking the Reply to Original Post link at the bottom of the page.

Once you have clicked either link, you can use the same options for creating a reply as outlined above.

add a new reply to the original post of a thread

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