Managing uploaded files

For datasets that allow you to upload data, LibInsight will keep track of each uploaded file in the dataset's Uploads List. From here, you can download a local copy of the file, or delete the file (and its data) from your dataset.

Managing uploaded files

  1. Go to the Record Data page for your dataset.
  2. Navigate to the Upload Data page for your dataset or platform. This is the same page where you go to upload your data.
    • For eBooks, E-Journals/Databases, and E-Resources/COUNTER 5 datasets, click on a platform's Add Records () button in the Actions column.
    • For other dataset types, look for the green Upload File button.

Editing a platform in an E-Journals/Databases dataset

Clicking the Upload File button for a reference dataset

  1. Click on the Uploads List​ tab (or Fetch List, if this is an E-Resources/COUNTER 5 dataset) to view a list of all successfully uploaded files.
    1. Click on the Download File () button in the Action​ column to download a copy of the file.
    2. Click on the Delete​ () button in the Action​ column to delete the file and its data.
      • Please note: the Delete option is not available in E-Resources/COUNTER 5 datasets. Instead, please empty the platform's data and re-fetch the data for the needed dates. 
      • If the file's Update Type​ is "Add to Existing", the values from the file will be deducted from the totals in your dataset. This does not remove any titles that were uploaded as part of JR1, BR1, BR2, or BR5 COUNTER reports.
      • If the file's​ Update Type​ is "Overwrite if Existing", then the corresponding records from the dataset will be deleted. Titles uploaded as part of JR1, BR1, BR2, and BR5 COUNTER reports will also be deleted.

Viewing a dataset's Uploads List

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