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Recording data to the ACRL dataset

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Getting there

Via the command bar

To record data to a dataset, click on  Record Data in the command bar. This will take you to the default dataset selected in your account's settings. If you are currently viewing the Analyze page for a dataset, however, it will take you to that same dataset's Record Data page instead.

Navigating to the Record Data page from the command bar

Via the homepage

In the Shortcuts box, select a dataset from the  Record Data To dropdown.

Navigating to the Record Data page via the homepage shortcuts

Via the Datasets page

Click on a dataset's Record Data () button in the Actions column.

Navigating to the Record Data page via the Datasets page

Entering data

  1. Select the year for which you want to record data.
  2. Click on a section to expand its fields.
  3. Enter your data. Each field is numbered to correspond with the official survey questions.
    • Don't worry: you don't have to enter data for every field.
    • You can also save and return to this at any time.
    • Shaded fields, such as 03 TOTAL - FTEs, are calculation fields. They will automatically calculate the appropriate totals for you.
  4. When finished entering data in each section, click the Submit Record button.

Example of recording data