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Analyzing and exporting the ACRL dataset

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Getting there

Via the command bar

To analyze a dataset, click on  Analyze in the command bar. This will take you to the default dataset selected in your account's settings. If you are currently viewing the Record Data page for a dataset, however, it will take you to that same dataset's Analyze page instead.

Navigating to the Analyze Data page via the command bar

Via the homepage

In the Shortcuts box, select a dataset from the  Analyze Data In dropdown.

Navigating to the Analyze Data page via the homepage shortcuts

Via the Datasets page

Click on a dataset's Analyze Data () button in the Actions column.

Navigating to the Analyze Data page via the Datasets page

Generating reports

  1. Use the From and To fields to select the date range you want to analyze. Data is available starting in 2015.
  2. From the Add Filter dropdown, select Participating Institutions and choose the libraries you want to analyze. Use CTRL + click to select multiple libraries.
  3. Click Add this Filter. Then, add any additional filters you'd like to use.
    1. Click on Save Report Filter if you'd like to easily reuse these same filters in the future.
    2. Click the Clear All Filters button to reset your filters.
  4. Click the Generate Report button.

Example of generating a Data report

Data report

The Data report gives you a side-by-side comparison with each of the participating institutions that you selected. For each question in the survey, you can see each institution's response. In addition, you can click on the View Data () link at the end of each row to visualize the data for that question in a chart.

Statistics report

The Statistics table allows you to analyze one or all numeric fields in the dataset. This will provide statistics such as the sum, average, median, minimum, and maximum for a particular field. You'll also be able to see the year-to-year totals, as well.

Export data

Click on the Export Data into CSV button to download a local copy of the Data report.

Screenshot of the Export Data into CSV button