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Widgets & Dashboards: Manage friendly URLs

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While the friendly URLs set for a dashboard or a (URL-based) widget can be managed and adjusted directly within the settings for each individually, Admins have the ability to manage every friendly URL in the system -- allowing you to see which friendly URLs are already in use, and to edit and remove them as needed.

To manage your friendly URLs:

  1. Click on the Admin menu and select Friendly URLs from the dropdown.
  2. On the Manage Friendly URLs page you can:
    1. Use the filters to narrow down what friendly URLs are displayed.
    2. Use the Friendly URL column to see the friendly URLs being used, and click on a link to jump directly to the widget/dashboard using the friendly.
    3. Edit an existing friendly URL by clicking on the Edit URL () button.
    4. Delete a friendly URL for a widget by clicking on the Delete URL () button.
      • Note: Dashboards are required to have friendly URLs, so the delete button will but disabled for those URLs.
the Manage Friendly URLs page