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Adding a custom header and footer to LibInsight

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Use the Custom Header Code and Custom Footer Code text boxes to create an HTML-based header and/or footer for your pages. This is especially helpful if you want your site to have the same header/footer as your library's or institution's website.

To add HTML code for the header and footer:

  1. Go to Admin > System Settings.

The System Settings option under the Admin menu

  1. Click on the Custom JS/CSS tab.
  2. In the Custom Header Code and Custom Footer Code boxes, add your code.
    • The header code will display below the Top Banner (if one has been uploaded).
    • For best results, avoid adding any CSS or JavaScript code in the header/footer settings. Instead, add that to your Custom JS/CSS Code settings.
    • Want your custom header and footer to align with the rest of the content on each page? Place your code inside of a <div class="container"></div> element.
  3. Click the Save All System Settings button at the bottom of the page.

adding custom header and footer code to your site