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Editing fields in a Circulation dataset

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To edit or delete fields in a Circulation dataset:

  1. Go to Admin > Manage Datasets.

Navigating to the Manage Datasets page

  1. Click on the dataset's Edit () button in the Actions column.

Editing a circulation dataset

  1. Click on the Edit Fields tab.
  2. To edit a field, click on its Edit () button in the Actions column.
    1. Edit the Name, Description, and/or Type as needed and click the Update Field button to save your changes. (Note: the Type can only be changed if the dataset is empty.)
    2. Or, to remove the field and its data, click on the Delete Field button. This will permanently remove the field and its recorded data from the dataset, so be careful!
      • Note: you cannot delete a field that is currently being used in a dashboard. In this case, the Delete Field button will be disabled and a message will appear listing each dashboard containing this field.
      • Once the field has been removed from each listed dashboard, then you will be able to delete it.

Editing a field

Updating a field