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Editing a Reference dataset's systems

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To add, edit, empty, or delete a reference system from a Reference dataset:

  1. Go to Admin > Manage Datasets.
  2. Click on the dataset's Edit () button in the Actions column.

Navigating to the Manage Datasets page

  1. Click on the Edit Reference System's tab.
    1. To edit the settings for your system, click on the Edit System () button in the Actions column.
    2. To empty the data from your system, click on the Empty Reference System () button in the Actions column.
      • This will empty all data from the system, but the system itself will remain.
    3. To delete the system from your dataset, click on the Delete Reference System () button in the Actions column.
      • Be careful! This will permanently delete the system and its data.
  2. Click the Done here. Analyze this dataset >> button to continue.

Editing a reference dataset