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What can I do with a Shared dataset?

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Shared datasets are custom datasets that allow you to collaborate with other libraries using LibInsight. This can be especially helpful for analyzing data like:

  • Professional research & scholarship: you can collaborate with partners or coauthors to gather data from each institution, all in one secure place.
  • Consortial programs & services: consortia members can record data into one place for things like reciprocal ILL stats, guest borrower card signups, etc.
  • Feedback surveys or assessments: you could use a shared dataset to gather data from colleagues on any number of topics. Or, if you're working with colleagues from other institutions, you could use it for analyzing feedback or info from workshop or conference attendees.

You can share a dataset with the entire LibInsight community, or just specific institutions. As long as each institution also uses LibInsight, you can invite them to contribute data. (LibInsight Lite subscribers cannot contribute to shared datasets.) Admins can centrally manage the sharing of each Shared dataset, as well, so you can enable or disable sharing permissions at any time.

Example of a Field Analysis report for a shared dataset