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Enabling and disabling sharing for a Shared dataset

Shared datasets allow you to collaboratively record data with other libraries using LibInsight. This is a great way for consortia, public library systems, university systems, and others to contribute data to a single dataset. 

Admins have the ability to manage access to Shared datasets for their system.

  1. Click on the Admin menu.
  2. Select Shared Datasets.
    1. If a library has asked to share a dataset with you, you can gain access to it by clicking the  Accept Share button in the Action column. This will allow you to start adding records to that dataset.
    2. If you no longer want to contribute to a dataset that has been shared with you, click on the Remove Share button in the Action column.
    3. In order for you to start sharing a Shared dataset you've created, you must first click on the  Activate button in the Action column. This will allow the invited contributors to begin adding data to it.
    4. To revoke sharing for a Shared dataset you've created, click on the  Deactivate button in the Action column. This will prevent invited contributors from contributing any more data.

Navigating to the Shared Datasets page

Example of options for managing shared dataset access

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