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Manually entering usage data to an eBooks (COUNTER r4) dataset

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Getting there

Via the command bar

To record data to a dataset, click on  Record Data in the command bar. This will take you to the default dataset selected in your account's settings. If you are currently viewing the Analyze page for a dataset, however, it will take you to that same dataset's Record Data page instead.

Navigating to the Record Data page from the command bar

Via the homepage

In the Shortcuts box, select a dataset from the  Record Data To dropdown.

Navigating to the Record Data page via the homepage shortcuts

Via the Datasets page

Click on a dataset's Record Data () button in the Actions column.

Navigating to the Record Data page via the Datasets page

Selecting a platform

All of the data for your e-resources are managed at the platform level.

  1. To begin adding or managing your usage and cost data, click on the platform's Add Records () button in the Actions column.
  2. If you would like to clear out all of the data for a platform, click on its Empty this Platform () button in the Actions column. This will completely delete all data from the platform, so be careful!

Options for adding data or empty a platform

Manually entering usage data

One way you can add your platform's section requests, title requests, and searches is by manual entry.

  1. Under the Usage Data tab, click on the Usage Data (using manual entry) panel to expand it.
  2. By default, you will see the previous 12 months. However, if you need to enter data prior to that, use the Select Month to choose the month you need and click the Apply button.
  3. To add new data, click on any cell, and enter your data.
    • If data has already been added for a particular month (whether it was manually added, uploaded, or harvested), it will display in the table. 
  4. Click Save or press Enter to save it.

Example of manually adding usage data