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Managing categories in a Finance dataset

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Getting there

  1. Go to Admin > Manage Datasets.
  2. Click on the dataset's Edit () button in the Actions column.

Editing a circulation dataset

  1. Click on the Edit Categories tab.

Clicking the Edit Categories tab

Adding new categories

Your revenues and expenditures are recorded by category. For example, you could track expenditures for personnel costs, monographs, serials, etc. For revenues, you could track things like overdue fines, photocopier charges, grants, etc. You can create up to 50 expenditure categories and 50 revenue categories.

  1. In the Expenditures column, enter the name of each expenditure category you want to track.

Example of adding expenditure categories

  1. In the Revenues column, enter the name of each revenue category you want to track.

Example of adding finance categories

  1. Click on the Done Here button at the bottom of the page to save your changes.
    1. After saving, click on the Record Data button to begin adding data.
    2. Or, click on the Upload File button to upload finance data instead.

Screenshot of the Done Here button 

Renaming categories

Under the Edit Categories tab, you can:

  1. Rename existing categories
    • When renaming a category, please keep in mind that this only changes its name. Values entered under the category's previous name will remain under the new name.
  2. Add additional categories to the lists. Simply add the name into an empty expenditure or revenue field.
  3. When finished, click on the Done Here button to save your changes.

Please note that you cannot delete a category once it has been saved. Instead, consider adding text to the category's name to indicate that it is no longer being used.

Example of editing categories