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What can I do with a Gate Count dataset?

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The Gate Count dataset provides you with powerful reports to help you easily analyze the traffic at one or more locations. This includes hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly breakdowns of your gate counts, with breakdowns by day of the week, weekend vs. weekday, location, and month.

Perhaps what's even better is how easy LibInsight makes recording your gate count data.

  • If you use a bidirectional gate counter (e.g. it counts people twice, when they enter and leave), LibInsight will automatically take your starting and ending readings, calculate the difference, and divide by two to calculate the number of visitors.
  • If you use a unidirectional gate counter (e.g. it counts people once, either when they enter or when they leave), LibInsight will automatically calculate the number of visitors based upon your starting and ending readings.
  • If you calculate the readings yourself, no problem! The manual count method allows you to enter your own visitor totals.
  • You can enter gate readings by hour, day, or month, depending upon your preference.
  • Widgets are available to make it easy for staff and student employees to enter gate readings without having to log into LibInsight.

Example gate count overview report