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What can I do with a LibGuides dataset?

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The LibGuides dataset allows you to analyze the total number of public page views, user sessions (if you have CMS), and published vs. total guides for your LibGuides system. This includes:

  • A breakdown of public page views and sessions by month or year.
  • The distribution of public page views and sessions by day of the week, weekend vs. weekday, and month.
  • Trends in your public page views and user sessions over time, with year-over-year comparisons.
  • The ratio of published guides vs. total guides over time.

These datasets are ideal for getting a bird's-eye view of your usage, especially when you need to analyze trends over time. This can also be useful with the cross-dataset analysis tool, as you can easily compare traffic to your LibGuides site against traffic to other websites gathered in your Google Analytics datasets.

It's important to note that the LibGuides dataset provides a general overview of your site's usage. For a detailed analysis of individual guides, pages, assets, or searches, you'll want to continue consulting the statistics module in LibGuides. 

Example of a LibGuides Overview analysis