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Search and replace records in Custom and Reference datasets

If you rename a field option in a Custom dataset or Reference dataset using individual transactions, that change won't automatically be reflected in your existing records. You would either need to update each record individually to use the new option, or you could use the Search & Replace tool to do it in bulk.

 Note: Admin-level accounts and users given an Admin permission to a dataset are allowed to perform a Search and Replace on that dataset's records. All other users are prohibited from performing a Search and Replace.
  1. Click on the Admin menu.
  2. Select Manage Datasets from the dropdown.
  3. Locate the dataset you want to search and click on the Search & Replace Records () button next to the dataset's name.
  4. Select the field you want to search from the Field to Update dropdown.
  5. In the Search for field, enter the text you want to find. Select the Case-sensitive search box to only retrieve results that match the exact case of the text you enter.
  6. In the Replace with field, enter the text that should replace the text entered in the Search for field.
  7. We recommend that you first click the  Search button to preview how many records will be affected. This gives you a chance to modify your search before replacing any text.
  8. Once you are ready, click on the  Replace button. This will permanently replace the values in matching records and cannot be undone, so be careful!

Navigating to the Manage Datasets page

Clicking the Search & Replace Records button

Performing a Search and Replace

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