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Workflow Forms: Add and manage a form's fields

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Admins can add, edit, and reorder the fields on any workflow form. These fields are used to collect data from users, which can be reviewed using the Submissions Explorer. There are three main types of fields:

  • Contact details: includes Name, Email, and Phone Number.
    • Each form must have at least one of these as a required field.
    • If two or more contact details fields are present on a form, you can make one or all of them required, as needed.
  • Standard form fields: includes multiple-choice, text entry, and file upload fields.
  • Multiple choice notifications: these are Radio Button, Checkbox, and Dropdown fields that trigger notifications to specific email addresses when specific options are selected.
    • For example, if someone selects a radio button option for "Reference", then you could have the Head of Reference receive a notification email when the form is submitted.
    • Each field option can notify one or more people if desired, but each person must have a LibStaffer user account in order to be selected to receive notifications.

Add fields to a workflow form

  1. Go to Admin > Workflow Forms and click on a form's edit () icon in the Actions column.
A form's edit icon in the Actions column
  1. Under the Info & Fields tab, click on the Add Field button in the Form Fields box.
The Add Field button in the Form Fields box
  1. In the Add Field window, enter a label for your field in the Text field.
  2. From the Type dropdown, select a field type to add (some field types will have additional options to configure).
  3. If you want to prevent users from submitting the form without responding to this field, select the Answer is required checkbox.
    • Each form must have at least one required contact details field (Name, Email, and/or Phone Number).
  4. Click the Add Field button.
Options in the Add Field window

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Overview of Field Types

Click on a panel below to learn more about each type of field and its options.

Contact Details fields

Standard form fields

Multiple choice notifications fields

Edit and delete fields

  1. To edit a field and its options, click on its cog () icon.
  2. For a Radio Button, Checkbox, or Dropdown field, you can reorder its field options by clicking on its reorder () icon.
    • In the Re-order Selections window that appears, simply drag & drop each option into a new position and click the Update Order button.
  3. To delete a field, click on its trash can () icon.
    • CAUTION: this will delete the field and its data from your past form submissions, so be careful!
The cog, reorder, and delete icons for form fields

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Reorder fields

To reposition the fields in your form:

  1. Click on the Reorder Fields button at the bottom of the Form Fields box.

The Reorder Fields button in the Form Fields box

  1. To move a field, click and drag it to a new position in the Re-order Fields window, then drop it in place.
  2. When finished, click on the Update Order button.
The Re-order Fields window

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