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Workflow Forms: Manage a form's workflow settings (i.e.i user access, stages, and notifications)

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Manage Regular users access a workflow form's submissions

By default, only Admin users are allowed to review a workflow form's submissions. However, each form can be configured to allow specific Regular users to review the submissions just for that form. This includes:

  • Searching, browsing, and exporting the form's submissions in the Submissions Explorer.
  • Addding notes and updating stages for the form's submissions.
  • Deleting any of the form's submissions.

Regular users cannot, however, make changes to a workflow form's settings or fields -- this can only be done by Admins.

Please note that Admin users necessarily have access to all forms and form submissions. It is not currently possible to remove an Admin user's access to view or manage a form.

  1. Go to Admin > Workflow Forms and click on a form's edit () icon in the Actions column.
A form's edit icon in the Actions column
  1. Click on the Workflow Settings tab.
  2. In the Access Control box, use the dropdown to select which Regular users can have access to the form's submissions.
    1. Use the search box in the dropdown to filter the list of names.
    2. Click on the Select All button to select all users in the list.
    3. Click on the Deselect All button to clear all currently-selected names.
    4. Click on individual names to add or remove their access (selected users will be indicated by a checkmark).
  3. Click the Save button to apply your changes.
The Access Control box

Manage form stages

Each form submission is designed to be moved through different stages of your workflow. For example, with a job application you may have stages like:

  1. New Application: this is the initial stage for all new submissions.
  2. Selected for Interview: if a person has been selected for an interview, then you could move the submission to this stage.
  3. Approved for Hire: if someone is hired, then you could move the submission to this stage.
  4. Rejected: if someone's submission was reviewed, but that person is not moving ahead in the process, then you could move it to this stage.

For each stage of your workflow, you can choose to notify one or more users. This can be helpful if particular staff are responsible for reviewing a submission at each stage: when a submission is moved to that stage, an email will be sent to those staff members with a link to review the submission. (A person must have a LibStaffer user account in order to receive notifications.)

Add a new stage

  1. Go to Admin > Workflow Forms and click on a form's edit () icon in the Actions column.
A form's edit icon in the Actions column
  1. Click on the Workflow Settings tab.
  2. In the Forms Stages box, click on the Add Stage button.
The Add Stage button
  1. In the Add Stage window, give this stage a name in the Stage Name field.
  2. From the Notify dropdown, you can optionally select one or more users to receive an email notification when a submission reaches this stage.
    • Click on a user to add or remove them from the notification list. (Please note that a person must have a LibStaffer user account to receive a notification.)
    • Selected users will have a checkmark next to their names.
  3. Click the Save button.
Options in the Add Stage window

Edit and delete stages

In the Form Stages box:

  1. To rename a stage, make your changes in its text field.
  2. To change who receives email notifications for a stage, use its Notify dropdown to add or remove users.
  3. After making changes to a stage's name or notification list, be sure to click its Save button.
  4. To delete a stage, click on its trash can () button.
    • This will only delete the stage from your form -- it will not delete any submissions.
    • Any submission currently in that stage will be unassigned. These will appear in your Submissions Explorer with an empty Stage column.
    • You will need to manually review each of those submissions to reassign them to other stages.
Options for editing and deleting form stages

Reorder stages

  1. Click on the Reorder Stages button at the bottom of the Form Stages box.
The Reorder Stages button
  1. In the Re-order Stages window, click, drag, and drop fields into new positions, as needed.
  2. Click on the Update Order button.
The Re-order Stages window

Subject Line Customization

  1. In the Subject Line Customization panel, you can customize the subject line of the notification email that is sent as a submission moves between stages.
    1. With template tags, you can include the form name and answers to most form questions as variables, just wrap them in double curly brackets -- e.g. {{ question123 }}.
      • The full set of available template tags is listed in the blue box to the right of the Subject Line field.
      • Note: Email clients usually only show up to 255 characters in the subject line, so keep your text brief.
    2. The Subject Preview area will show you an example of how your subject line will appear to users.
  2. When finished, click the Save button.
Options in the Subject Line Customization panel