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Reports & Shifts: Generate a summary report of swapped and given up shifts

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Admins can generate a Swaps & Given Up Summary report to show many times a staff member has given up or swapped shifts. This can be helpful for future schedule decisions. If needed, this report can be filtered to a single schedule and/or staff member. This report can be printed or exported for your records and will include the following information:

  • The name of the staff member
  • The number of claimed, unclaimed, and total of given up shifts
  • The average time before a shift starts that it was given up
  • The number of accepted, pending, denied, and total of swapped shifts
  • A summary of how many shifts were given up during each hour of the day and the percentage that each hourly interval's total comprised of the total day

Each report can be printed, copied, or exported for your records.

Generate the report

To generate the Swaps & Given Up Summary report:

  1. Click on Reports in the command bar.
  2. Click on the Swaps & Given Up Summary tab, set your report filters.
    1. Use the date filter to return time off requests from a specific date range.
    2. Use the Schedule filter to view the swaps and given up summary for all schedules, or just a single schedule.
    3. Use the Staff filter to view time off requests for all staff members, or just a single person.
  3. Click on the Run Report button to generate the report.
  4. In the first table of the report, you can view the summary of each staff member's given up shifts -- including totals for how many were claimed or left unclaimed and the average time before the start of a shift that the give up request was initiated, and their swap requests -- including totals for how many were accepted, pending, or denied.
    1. Click on the Show/Hide Columns button to select which columns to display in the table.
    2. Use the Print, Copy, or CSV buttons to save a copy of the report.
    3. Click on any column heading to sort the table by that column.
    4. Use the Search field to filter the table by keyword.‚Äč
  5. In the second table of the report, under the Given Up Breakdown heading, you can view a summary of how many shifts were given up during each hour of the day (with the range of your date range filter) and the percentage that each hourly interval's total comprised of the total day.
Running a given up and swappwed shift summary report

View details of a person's given-up shifts

When a user's given-up shifts are claimed, they'll be tallied in the Claimed column of the report. To view the full details of these claimed shifts, click on the info () icon next to their name.

The info icon next to a user's name

This will display the Give Up Claimed Shifts window, where you'll find a list of shifts given up by the user during the report's date range, and were claimed by others.

The Give Up Claimed Shifts window

For each shift, you'll find:

  • The shift's schedule
  • The date & time the shift started and ended
  • The date & time the shift was given up
    • Note: a date of "N/A" means that the date was not recorded. This report only includes date stamps from May 2019 onwards.
  • The date & time the shift was claimed
  • The name of the person who claimed the shift