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Message Wall: Enable and use the Message Wall on the LibStaffer dashboard

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The Message Wall allows for admins to post important messages and announcements. And while only admins can add/edit/pin/delete posts, all users can comment on the messages.

Enable the message wall

Before the Message Wall can be used by your users, an Admin-level user has to enable the feature.

  1. Click on Admin > System Settings from the command bar.
  2. Under the System Settings tab, go to the Message Wall Settings panel.
  3. From the Message Wall Display dropdown, select Show to display the message wall on the dashboard. Otherwise, select Hide to remove it.
    • Note: if the Message Wall already contains messages and replies, hiding it will not delete them. If you choose to display the Message Wall in the future, those existing messages will reappear.
  4. Click the Save button to apply the change.
enable or disable the Message Wall

Add a new message to the wall

  1. In the Message Wall box on the dashboard, click the New Message button. 
adding a new message to the wall, step 1
  1. Give the message a Title.
  2. Add the text of the message.
  3. Check the Pin to Top checkbox if you want the message to be pinned at the very top of the wall.
  4. Click the Post Message button to save it. It will appear at the top of the Message Wall.
adding a new message to the wall, step 2

Comment on a message wall post

All LibStaffer account holders can comment on posts that have been added to the wall. To comment:

  1. In the Message Wall box on the dashboard, click the Comment link below the post. 
adding a new comment to a post, step 1
  1. Add the text of your comment.
  2. Click the Post Comment button to save it.
adding a new comment to a post, step 2

Manage message wall posts and comments

All posts and comments on the wall can be edited or deleted by admins, and regular users can edit or delete comments that they have added.

  1. In the Message Wall box on the dashboard, hover over the user's name for the post or comment that you would like to manage.
    1. For posts only, click the Pin () icon to toggle whether the post should be pinned to the top of the wall or unpinned.
    2. Click the Edit Message () icon to make changes to the post or comment.
    3. Click the Delete () icon to remove it.
manaing a wall post or comment