View a report of shift favorites

The Favorite Shifts Report allows you to see all staff members assigned as shift favorites. Although you can see who's been assigned as a favorite for individual shifts when editing a schedule, this report gives you a comprehensive list, broken down by date, shift name, staff member, and schedule. This can help you confirm that your assigned favorites match your preferences for each staff member/shift, while making it easy to identify which shifts may need updated.

Admin users can view favorites across all schedules, while elevated Regular users can view favorites only for schedules to which they've been assigned admin permissions.

  1. Log into LibStaffer and click on Reports in the navigation bar.
  2. Click on the Favorites tab.
  3. Select the desired filters for your report and click the Run Report button.
    1. Use the Date filter to customize the date range for the report. All shifts between the selected dates will be included.
    2. Use the Schedule filter view favorites for all schedules, or just for a specific one.
    3. Use the Staff Member filter to view favorites for all staff members, or just for a specific one.
    4. After running a report, you can use the Search filter to further limit the list by text in any of the displayed columns.
    5. Click the Show/hide columns button to add or remove columns from the data table.
    6. Use the Per Page dropdown to adjust the number of favorites that display per page.
    7. Use the CSVCopy, and Print buttons to export or print the data table. Whereas the CSV and Copy buttons will export all records in the report, the Print option will only print the current page of records.
    8. Click on any column heading to sort by that column in ascending order. Click it again to switch to descending order.
    9. Use the navigation buttons below the table to navigate between pages of results.

Options for the Favorite Shifts Report

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