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Overlaying LibCal open hours on a schedule

If your library subscribes to LibCal and you are using it to manage your library's opening hours, you can integrate a library or department's hours with your LibStaffer schedules. When enabled for a schedule, you'll see that library or department's hours when adding and editing your shifts, and on the calendar view for the schedule when the overlay is enabled. This can help you avoid creating shifts during times that your location is closed (though you will still be able to create and assign shifts that fall outside of your LibCal open hours, if needed). To overlay the LibCal open hours:

  1. Click on Schedules from the command bar.
  2. Select the schedule you want to view from the Schedule for dropdown.
  3. Click on the Overlay LibCal Opening Hours () button. The hours will display in dark green.
    • Note: The Overlay LibCal Opening Hours button will not display if the schedule does not have the integration enabled.

toggling the libcal hours overlay for schedules

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