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Accounts: Manage a user's available working hours

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Each user has a customized set of available hours that define when that user is available to work each week. When assigning shifts, users will appear unavailable if the shift falls outside their defined available hours. Similarly, Auto Scheduler will not assign users to a shift outside of their available hours. Users will also be unable to swap or pick up shifts if the shift occurs when they are not available to work.

Each user can customize their own available hours and Admin users can also edit the available hours for any user.

Note: Admins can generate a report that will display the Available Hours for each account in LibStaffer.

Manage your available hours

Setting your available hours will help your manager avoid scheduling you during times you are unable to work.

  1. Click your account name (email address) from the command bar to jump to the Manage Account page.
  2. Click the Manage Available Hours tab.
  3. For each day of the week:
    1. Select Available for days when you're able to work, then enter the times you're available.
      • If you have gaps in availability during a day (such as during class), you can enter up to 5 time periods per day.
    2. Select Not Available for days that you are unable to work at all.
    3. Alternatively, use one of the preset time options to fill out your available hours. (You can still adjust each day manually.)
    4. To clear a set of hours, click its trash can () button.
    5. To reset all of your available hours, click the Clear Available Hours button.
  4. After configuring your working hours, click the Save Available Hours button.
Options under the Manage Available Hours tab

Manage another user's available hours

To manage available hours for an account:

  1. Go to Admin > Accounts.
Navigating to the Manage Accounts page
  1. Under the Manage Accounts tab, click on the Edit () icon in the Actions column for the user you want to edit.
Editing a user account
  1. Click on the Manage Available Hours tab. Set their hours automatically with a preset schedule or manually set the hours for each day.
    1. To automatically set a schedule, click one of the options in the Quickly Preset Times section.
      • Note: even when using a preset schedule, you can modify any day's availability with the manual options.
    2. To manually set a day's availability, set its status to Available for days when they're available and set the status to Not Available for their days off.
    3. If there are gaps in their availability each day, or if you need to add their scheduled lunch break, use the additional From and To to add other hours for any day.
      • To delete a set of hours, click its trash can () button.
    4. To clear all of the available hours, click the Clear Available Hours button.
  2. When finished, click the  Save Available Hours button.
Changing a user's working hours