Managing your working hours

Setting your regular working hours will help to ensure that you are not assigned to a shift when you are not actually working.

When working hours are set, an account will not be scheduled for a shift outside of those hours when Auto Scheduler is run. And when a shift is being set up on a schedule that is outside of your working hours, there will be a note indicating that you are unavailable for that shift (but that can be overridden by the scheduler).

To manage and set your working hours:

  1. Click your account name (email address) from the command bar to jump to the Manage Account page.

  2. Click the Manage Working Hours tab.

  3. Set your hours automatically with a preset schedule or manually set the hours for each day.

    1. To automatically set a schedule, click one of the options in the Quickly Preset Times section.

      • Note: even when using a preset schedule, you can modify any day's availability with the manual options.

    2. To manually set a day's availability, set its status to Working for days when you're available and set the status to Not Available for your days off.

    3. If you work a split shift, or if you need to add your scheduled lunch break, use the button to add an additional set of hours for any day.

      • To delete the second set of hours, click the Remove secondary From & To time () button.

  4. After configuring your working hours, click the  Save Working Hours button.

managing working hours

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