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Shifts: View your upcoming and open shifts on the LibStaffer dashboard

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When you log into LibStaffer, you start at your Dashboard. This is where you can view your upcoming shifts and time off. You can always return here by selecting Home from the orange command bar.

On the dashboard you will see:

  1. If an admin has added an announcement/alert, it will appear at the top of the dashboard.
  2. If you are a schedule Admin with time off approval permission, an alert will display when there pending time off requests for you to review.
  3. If you are a schedule Admin, an alert will display when there are proposed swaps pending mediation.
  4. The Swap Requests box will be displayed any time you have a pending shift swap request that has been sent to you by another staff member. 
  5. The My Upcoming Shifts tab will display any shifts that you have for the next seven days. 
    • You can toggle to a Timeline view or extend the time period displayed with the date picker
    • Each shift listed here will have Give Up, Split, and Swap buttons in the Action column to let you take further action on the shift.
  6. The Open Shifts tab will display any shifts that have been given up by your coworkers or that are open for claiming.
  7. The Clock In/Out button allows you to quickly clock in or out for any shifts that are on schedules where Clock In/Out is enabled.
  8. The My Upcoming Time Off calendar offers a quick view of your upcoming time off. Pending, approved, and denied time off will be color-coded in the timeline.
  9. The View Current Status of All Staff button will take any user (regular or admin) to the Staff Current Status page that displays the current in/out status of each staff member, with information about the current and next scheduled shifts.
  10. If you are a system Admin, you will see the Currently Clocked In box. This will show you which users are currently clocked in for their shifts and the Admin Clock In/Out button that allows you to quickly change the clock in/out status for any staff member.
  11. If it has been enabled, all users will see the Message Wall box. The wall allows Admins to add new posts about announcements/important discussions, and for all users to comment on them.
LibStaffer Dashboard Overview
Overview of the LibStaffer Dashboard