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Giving up a shift

If you can no longer work an upcoming shift one of the three options (the others being the option to swap a shift or split a shift if you can only work a portion of it) for getting coverage is to give the shift up.

To give a shift up:

  1. While on the dashboard, click the Give Up button for the shift in the My Upcoming Shifts tab.
    giving up a shift step 1
  2. In the modal window that opens, you can choose to notify your co-workers assigned to this schedule that you are giving up your shift.
    1. You can add an optional note in the Note/Email Message text box. The note will be included alongside the shift details in the email digest for available shifts that is sent out.
    2. By default, a digest email of all given up shifts will be sent out each hour. If you would prefer to send an email right away, then select the Send email alert immediately checkbox.

    giving up a shift step 2
  3. Click the Give Up button. If you changed your mind, click Close
  4. Your shift will be marked Give Up - Pending until a co-worker picks up the shift. Remember, you are still responsible for working this shift until a coworker picks it up. If you want to cancel giving up the shift, click the X next to Give up - Pending.
    giving up a shift step 3

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