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Shifts: Drop an assigned shift

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If you can no longer work an upcoming shift (and your schedule allows it), you can drop yourself from a scheduled shift. Please note that this does immediately remove you from the shift. A schedule admin will be responsible for finding a replacement for the now unassigned shift.

Note: schedule admins that have enabled the Dropped Shift Admin alert for their account will be notified by email or SMS of any dropped shifts.

To drop a shift:

  1. While on the dashboard, click the Drop button for the shift in the My Upcoming Shifts tab.
the drop shift button
  1. If the option to select a replacement for your shift has been enabled for the schedule, you can optionally select a user from the Assign Shift to dropdown.
    • The user that is selected to fill the shift will be listed in the Drop Shifts report.
    • If no replacement is selected, admins (that have the Dropped Shift Admin alert enabled) will be alerted of the drop.
  2. Add an optional note in the Note/Email Message text box. The note will be included alongside the shift details in the alert that is sent to schedule admins (that have the Dropped Shift Admin alert enabled).
  3. Click Drop Shift to confirm that you want to unassign yourself from the selected shift.
the drop shift window