Swapping shifts

If you or a co-worker cannot work an upcoming shift, one of the options that you have for getting coverage (the other being the option to give up a shift) is to swap shifts. 

To propose a shift swap:

  1. While on the dashboard, click the Swap button for the shift in the My Upcoming Shifts tab.
    swapping a shift step 1
  2. In the modal window that opens, you can choose one of your co-workers' shifts that you would want to swap with by clicking the Request Swap button. notify your co-workers assigned to this schedule that you are giving up your shift.
    • Note: The only shifts that you will see are ones where you can work (based on your availability) that shift and the person assigned to that shift can work the shift you are trying to swap.

    swapping a shift step 2
  3. The person working the shift you have proposed for a swap will receive an email notifying them of the proposed swap. And they will see the Swap Request box on their dashboard the next time they log in. (More on that below.)
  4. Your shift will be marked Swap - Pending until a co-worker picks up the shift. Remember, you are still responsible for working this shift until the shift swap is accepted. If you want to cancel swapping the shift, click the X next to Swap - Pending. If the swap was rejected, the original shift will still appear in your list of shifts
    swapping a shift step 3

If a co-worker has requested to swap a shift with you, you will receive an email notification of the pending request, which you can review from within LibStaffer.

To review a swap request:

  1. On your dashboard, you will see the Swap Requests box where any pending swap requests will be displayed.
  2. For the pending request, choose Accept or Reject to complete the swap.
    • Note: If shift swapping mediation is required, your administrator must approve the swap request for it to be finalized.

reviewing swap shift request


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