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Widgets & API: Create a multi-schedule view widget

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Each schedule has its own widget, which you can embed in a webpage to display the schedule's calendar. Any schedule admin can create one of these widgets.

System-level Admin users can also create multi-schedule widgets which, as the name implies, let's you display multiple schedules in a single, embeddable calendar widget. This is akin to using multi-schedule view when viewing schedules inside LibStaffer.

Admin users can create a multi-schedule widget by clicking on Admin in the navigation bar and selecting Widgets & API from the dropdown. This will take you right to the Widgets tab, where you can generate embed code for your custom widget.

Create a multi-schedule widget

In the Multi-Schedule Widget panel:

  1. From the Schedules dropdown, select the schedules you want to include in your widget. (You cannot select schedules with Schedule Access set to "User must be logged in".) 
  2. Use the Width of Widget and Height of Widget options to customize the dimensions of the embedded calendar widget (in pixels).
  3. Use the Width of Border and Border Color options to customize the thickness (in pixels) and color of the border around the widget.
  4. From the Default View dropdown, select whether to display the calendar in day, week, or month view by default.
  5. Set the Show Time Off button to "Show" if you want to allow users viewing the widget to see the time off for users on the schedule(s).
  6. Copy the code for you widget from the Embed Code text area and paste it into the HTML code of your web page where you want it to display.
  7. The Preview pane will show an interactive preview of your widget so you can see how it will look to patrons.
the Multi-Schedule Widget panel
You can create a customized widget, and copy its HTML embed code, using the options in the Multi-Schedule Widget panel.