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Reports: Generate a report of dropped shifts

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Admins can generate a Drop Shifts report that will show how many times staff members have dropped shifts. This report can be helpful to plan for any potential schedule changes.  If needed, this report can be filtered to a single schedule, staff member, locations, departments, and/or positions. Each report will include the following information:

  • Date, Times, and Day of the week for each shift dropped.
  • The name of the shift (if it has one).
  • The name of the staff member who dropped the shift.
  • The schedule containing that shift.
  • The amount of notice given for the dropped shift before the shift's start time.
  • The dropped shift note
  • The name of the user that was selected to fill the shift if the schedule allows for users to select their replacement, and if the user selected a replacement when dropping the shift.

Each report can be printed or exported for your records.

To generate a Drop Shifts report:

  1. Click on Reports in the command bar.
  2. On the Drop Shifts tab, set your report filters.
    1. Use the date filter to return shifts from a specific date range.
    2. Use the Schedule filter to view shifts for all schedules, or just a single schedule.
    3. Use the Staff Member filter to view shifts dropped by a specific user.
    4. Use the Locations filter to view dropped shifts from staff at a given location. (Multiple locations can be selected.)
    5. Use the Departments filter to view dropped shifts from staff in a given department. (Multiple departments can be selected.)
    6. Use the Positions filter to view dropped shifts from staff assigned a specific position. (Multiple positions can be selected.).
  3. ​Click on the Run Report button to generate the report.
    1. Click on any column heading to sort the table by that column.
    2. Click the Show / hide columns button to choose what columns you want to see.
      • Note: some columns are hidden by default.
    3. Use the Print, Copy, or CSV buttons to save a copy of the report.
Running a Drop Shifts report