Elevating regular users to schedule admins

If you have staff who are normally responsible for managing a schedule (such as your student assistant or volunteer schedules), you can elevate them to become admins for that schedule only. This is helpful for when you don't want to make someone a full system-level admin user, as schedule admin users will not have access to the Admin menu on the command bar. When a regular user is set as a schedule admin they will be able to:

  • Add/edit/delete shifts,
  • Run the Auto Scheduler for the schedule, assign/remove staff from shifts,
  • Approve shift swaps, and
  • Optionally to approve Time Off requests (users in this schedule only) & view the Reports section.

To elevate an account:

  1. From the command bar, go to Admin > Schedules Settings.
  2. On the Manage Schedules page, click the Edit Schedule () icon for the schedule you want to edit.

modifying a schedule's settings step 1

  1. Go to the Assigned Staff tab.
  2. In the Elevate Regular Level User Permissions box, click the checkbox in the  Enable Admin column for the account(s) that you want to become an admin. After enabling the admin privileges for the account, you can also optionally allow the account to:
    1. Approve Time Off (for this schedule only)
    2. Access Reports (for this schedule only)

elevate regular users to schedule admin step 2

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