Editing a schedule's Name & Info settings

To edit a schedule's general settings:

  1. From the command bar, go to Admin > Schedule Settings.
  2. On the Manage Schedules page, click the Edit Schedule () icon for the schedule you want to edit.

modifying a schedule's settings step 1

  1. Under the Name & Info tab, make the necessary customizations/changes. See the sections below for more details on the available settings.
  2. When finished making changes, remember to click the Save Settings button at the bottom of the page.

The Name & Info tab

Schedule information 

In the Schedule Information panel, you can customize the following options:

  1. Name: Give your schedule a name. This is what staff will see when viewing schedules, so make sure to make it descriptive.
  2. Schedule Access: If the "User must be logged in" option is selected, then you must log in to LibStaffer to view the schedule. If "No login required" is selected, then the schedule can be viewed via its friendly URL or a widget. Note: Friendly URLs are still accessible when "Users must be logged in" is selected if you have logged in prior, but all widgets will be disabled/inaccessible.
  3. Friendly URL: Giving a schedule a Friendly URL makes it visible to people who know the schedule URL, without logging in.
  4. Public Description: Give the schedule a short description. This will display on the schedule's public page.

The Schedule Information panel

Shift claiming

In the Shift Claiming panel, you can customize the following options that determine whether or not staff can claim open shifts on this schedule:

  1. Allow Staff to claim Shifts: Once enabled, staff will be able to claim/self-assign themselves to open shifts. With this setting, admins can mark a shift to be claimed, and then staff will be able to claim these via the Open Shifts tab in the Upcoming Shifts box on their dashboard. When this is enabled, there are two additional settings to set:
  2. Claim Period: Choose how far in advance a shift can be claimed.
  3. Claim Type: Set the type of window for the Claim Period -- rolling or weekly.
  4. Make all shifts claimable: When this is enabled, all existing and future shifts will have claiming enabled.

The Shift Claiming panel 

Favoriting shifts

In the Favoriting Shifts panel, you can control whether or not staff can indicate which shifts are their favorites. This can impact the auto-scheduling of shifts, since favorites are given first priority.

  1. Allow Staff to mark Shifts as Favorite: Once enabled, staff will be able to favorite their own recurring shifts, on the calendar for the schedule. Otherwise, only Admin users will be able to select favorites for shifts.

 The Favoriting Shifts panel

Give up shifts

In the Give Up Shifts panel, you can customize the following options for allowing staff to give up shifts:

  1. Allow Staff to give up Shifts: Once enabled, staff will see an option to give up their shifts on the dashboard.
  2. Notify Admins via email when a Given up shift has been claimed: When staff are allowed to give up shifts, enable to this option to send Admins an email alert when a given up shift has been claimed.
  3. Notify the following Admins: when the above email notifications are enabled, select which Admin or elevated Regular users you want to be notified.

The Give Up Shifts panel

Shift swapping/split shifts

In the Shift Swapping / Split Shifts panel, you can customize the following options for allowing staff to swap shifts:

  1. Allow staff to propose Shift Swaps: Enable direct 1:1 shift swapping between staff assigned to the schedule.
  2. Admin account holders will mediate the 1:1 swaps: if enabled, all accepted swaps must first be approved by an Admin before they are confirmed.
  3. Notify the following Admins of pending swaps: when swap mediation is enabled, this allows you to select which Admin(s) will receive alerts when swaps are pending approval.
  4. Allow staff to split shifts: If enabled, staff will be able to split their assigned shift into 2 shifts, so they can then give up or request a shift swap for the split portion of the origin shift
    • This option is only available when staff are allowed to propose shift swaps.

The Shift Swapping / Split Shifts panel

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