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Schedules: Customize a schedule's calendar settings

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A schedule's calendar settings allow you to customize how the schedule's calendar displays, including hiding weekends, showing the day/week/month view by default, the start day for the week, etc. 

  1. From the command bar, go to Admin > Schedules Settings.
The Schedules Settings option under the Admin menu
  1. On the Manage Schedules page, find the schedule you want to modify and click on its Edit Settings () icon in the last column.
The Edit Settings icon for a schedule
  1. On the Calendar Settings tab, you can modify the appearance of the schedule's calendar. Settings that can be changed are:
    1. Default View: Choose whether you want your schedule to display in Day, Week, or Month view by default. (Users can still switch between the other views.)
    2. Calendar Start Day: Choose which day of the week you want the calendar to start on.
    3. Show Weekends: Show or hide the weekends on the calendar.
    4. Weekend Days: When Show Weekends is set to Hide, you can choose which pair of days are hidden (e.g. Saturday/Sunday, Sunday/Monday, Monday/Tuesday, etc.).
    5. First Hour in Day/Week view: choose which hour you want to display first when using the Day or Week calendar view. This can help reduce the need to scroll down to view the first shifts of each day.
    6. Minimum Range in Day/Week view & Maximum Range in Day/Week view: These two settings will limit the number of hours that display on the calendar in Day and Week view. This can create a cleaner view by hiding the hours when your library is not open.
    7. Row height in Day/Week view: Choose which interval of time you want each row to represent in Day or Week view. The lower the value, the more space you have to display shift details.
    8. Color in Multi-Schedule view: When viewing this schedule using Multi-Schedule view, this schedule's shifts will display in the selected color. Choosing a unique color for each of your schedules can make it easier to distinguish between them.
  2. Click Save when the necessary changes have been made.
Options in the Calendar Settings panel