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Shifts: Give up, swap, split, or drop a shift on a user's behalf

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LibStaffer Admins can view another user's LibStaffer Page with their upcoming shifts to give up, split, swap, or drop a shift on that user's behalf. This can be a handy alternative to editing a shift, as it can trigger notifications about open shifts for other members of the schedule to voluntarily claim. As a result, you don't need to make the scheduling decision or manually switch around around shift assignments yourself—instead, you can leave it up to your team to figure out.

In order to make these changes,

  • The desired action—give up, split, swap, or drop—must be activated for that schedule. If the user couldn't do it on their own, an Admin user cannot do it for them. Instead, the Admin will need to manually adjust the shift.
  • You must be an system-level Admin user. Regular users who are elevated to schedule admins are unable manage another user's shifts in this way.

To manage another user's upcoming shifts:

  1. Click Staff in the LibStaffer navigation bar.
    • If you don't see this option, you are not a system-level Admin and cannot perform this action.
  2. Use the All Staff drop-down menu to select a specific staff member, or click on a user's name in the Staff Current Status report table.
Selecting a user to view their shifts.
  1. On the user's LibStaffer Page, locate the shift in the Upcoming Shifts table and perform the desired action:
    1. Give up the shift.
    2. Swap the shift.
    3. Split the shift (for shifts that are at least 1 hour long).
    4. Drop the shift.
Options to Give Up, Swap, Split or Drop a shift on behalf of a user.