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Shifts & System Settings: Set the background color for unfilled shifts

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To help you quickly identify unfilled shifts, the open/unassigned shifts have a unique, customizable color that is cross-colored with the shift's regular, designated color in a selected pattern. Using this feature is optional.

Here's how this appears on a schedule with unfilled shifts, using a diagonal stripe pattern:

  1. Shifts that are fully filled are shown as a solid color. This is the background color that has been assigned to that specific shift, in this case, purple for desk shifts and tan for chat shifts.
  2. Shifts that are unassigned show their regular colors crossed diagonally with the designated unfilled shift color (in this example, pale red).
Example of unfilled shifts
Example of unfilled shifts on a schedule cross-colored with the shifts' regular colors.

To customize the display of unfilled shifts:

  1. Go to Admin > System Settings.
Navigating to the System Settings page
  1. Under the System Settings tab, in the Unfilled Shift Calendar Display panel, click the Unfilled Shift Background Color field to select a new color using the color picker or to enter the hex value for your desired color.
    1. If you don't want to use the unfilled shift color option at all—that is, to instead always show the shift's regular, designated background color regardless of its open or filled status—select the solid black tile (the first option).
    2. To cross-color your selected unfilled shift color with the shift's regular, designated background color, select one of the pattern options.
    3. The preview tile shows your currently selected color and pattern options.
      • Note, if you select the solid tile, it shows the unfilled shift color on the preview. However, on your schedule, unfilled shifts will instead display showing their regular, designated colors.
  2. Click the Save button.
Customizing the unfilled shift display options.