Sending staff their scheduled shifts via email or SMS

  1. Click on Schedules from the command bar.
  2. Select the schedule you want to send shifts for from the Schedule for dropdown.
  3. Click on the Email () button.
  4. Choose Email/SMS Scheduled Shifts option from the dropdown.

Selecting the Email/SMS Scheduled Shifts option from the Email dropdown

  1. In the Email Scheduled Shifts window, select the date range for the shifts you want to include in the email.
    • By default, the dates selected are those you are currently viewing on the calendar (e.g. if you are in Week view, then the dates will default to the week you're currently viewing).
  2. Use the Staff Member dropdown to select one or more staff members to be notified. To send a notification to all staff assigned to the schedule, choose the Select All option.
  3. ‚ÄčOptionally, add a message to the email in the Email Message field.
  4. If you only want to send this email to staff who have scheduled shifts during this period, uncheck the checkbox next to Send email to user even if they are not scheduled.
  5. Click the Send button.

Options in the Email/SMS Scheduled Shifts window

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