Sending email to a schedule's staff

  1. Click on Schedules from the command bar.
  2. Select the schedule you want to send shifts for from the Schedule for dropdown.
  3. Click on the Email () button.
  4. Choose the Email Staff option from the dropdown to open the Email Staff modal.
  5. In the Email Staff window, select the staff members on the schedule to be emailed from the Send To field.
    • All staff assigned to the schedule are selected by default.)
  6. Optionally, add any external addresses that should also be emailed in the CC field.
  7. If you would like to copy yourself on the message, select the CC myself on this message checkbox.
  8. Set the Subject of the email.
    • The name of the schedule is added by default. 
  9. Write your message in the Email Message field.
  10. Click the Send button.

Email staff on a schedule part 1

Email staff on a schedule part 2

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