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Reports & Time Off: Generate a report of time off requests

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Admins can generate a Time Off report to show all time off requests. Regular-level users that have been set as a schedule admin can generate a time off report for staff on their schedule(s), and regular-level users can generate a report of their own time off. If needed, these reports can be filtered to a single staff member (for admins and schedule admins), status, and/or category. Each report will include the following information:

  • A time off summary breakdown showing total time off hours approved and the number of requests approved/denied/pending by staff member.
  • Date, times, and day of the week for each request.
  • The name of the staff member.
  • The category of each time off request.
  • The status of the time off request (e.g. pending, approved, or denied), as well as the admin who took action on the request.
  • Date and times that each request was submitted and approved or denied.
  • Any notes added when the request was approved or denied.

Each report can be printed or exported for your records.

To generate a Time Off/Unavailability report:

  1. Click on Reports in the command bar.
  2. On the Time Off tab, set your report filters.
    1. Use the date filter to return time off requests from a specific date range.
    2. Use the Staff filter to view time off requests for all staff members, or just a single person.
    3. Use the Status filter to view time off requests in all status, or just a specific one (such as approved).
    4. Use the Category filter to view time off requests in all categories, or just a single category. 
  3. Click on the Run Report button to generate the report.
    1. Click on the Show/Hide Columns button to select which columns to display in each table.
  4. View the Time Off Summary Breakdown to view total hours of approved time off (hours) and the number of approved, denied, and pending time off requests each staff member has.
  5. View the Time Off Report to view all time off submissions.
Running a time off report