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Generating a report of time off requests

Admins can generate a report of all time off requests, regular-level users that have been set as a schedule admin can generate a time off report for staff on their schedule(s), and regular-level users can generate a report of their own time off. If needed, these reports can be filtered to a single staff member (for admins and schedule admins), status, and/or category. Each report will include the following information:

  • Date, times, and day of the week for each request.
  • The name of the staff member.
  • The category of time off request.
  • The status of the time off request (e.g. pending, approved, or denied), as well as the admin who took action on the request.
  • Date and times that each request was submitted and approved or denied.
  • Any notes added when the request was approved or denied.

Each report can be printed or exported for your records.

Generating a report

  1. Click on Reports in the command bar.
  2. On the Time Off/Unavailability tab, set your report filters.
    1. Use the date filter to return time off requests from a specific date range.
    2. Use the Staff filter to view time off requests for all staff members, or just a single person.
    3. Use the Status filter to view time off requests in all status, or just a specific one (such as approved).
    4. Use the Category filter to view time off requests in all categories, or just a single category. 
  3. Click on the Run Report button to generate the report.
    1. Click on the Show/Hide Columns button to select which columns to display in the table.
    2. Use the Print, Copy, or CSV buttons to save a copy of the report.
    3. Click on any column heading to sort the table by that column.
    4. Use the Search field to filter the table by keyword.‚Äč

Running a time off report 

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