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Time Off: Create and manage time off categories

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Time off categories allow you to define the different types of time off requests (e.g. sick leave, vacation time, etc.) you have at your institution. Setting up categories will allow you to keep better track of the type of time off your staff are requesting and are also available as filters on the Time Off/Unavailability Report.

Create Time Off categories

  1. Go to Admin > Time Off Categories from the command bar.
  2. Click the Create Time Off Category button to add a new category.
adding a new time off category part 1
  1. On the Create Time Off Category modal, type the name of the new category in the Category Name field.
  2. Optionally, select a Category Color by using the color picker or by manually inputting a hex code for a color.
  3. Click Save.
adding a new time off category part 2

Manage Time Off categories

  1. Create a new category from the Create Time Off Category
  2. Change the order of the categories via the Re-order Time Off Categories button.
    • When reordering, you can manually drag and drop categories into your preferred order or use the Sort by Name option to order alphabetically.
  3. Use the Search field to search by keyword for categories.
  4. Change the name of a category via the Modify Category () icon in the Action column.
  5. Delete a category via the Delete Category () icon the Action column.
manage existing time off categories