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Approving, denying, and editing time off requests

LibStaffer has the option of requiring admin approval of all new time off requests. When enabled, new time off requests will have a status of pending until they are approved or denied by a schedule admin. If not enabled, then all time off requests will be automatically approved. (Time off added directly by admins will be automatically approved.)

The following users can approve time off requests:

  • Admin users can view and approve all time off requests
  • Regular users who have been given the Approve Time Off permission for a schedule (this will only allow them to view and approve requests from other users assigned to that schedule)
  • A Regular user who is the Direct Supervisor of the user requesting time off (this will only allow them to view and approve requests from that user)
    • Note: if the requesting user's Direct Supervisor has also been assigned a Direct Supervisor, that person can also view and approve the user's time off request

Time off notifications

When a staff member adds time off that requires approval, admins will receive a notification email. In addition, they'll see an alert on their dashboard the next time they sign into LibStaffer. Both will include links taking you directly to the Time Off Approval page.

Pending time off alert on dashboard

Viewing time off pending approval

  1. Click on Time Off in the LibStaffer navigation bar.
  2. Click on the Time Off Approvals tab.
  3. A table will display listing all pending time off requests that you can review. Each will include:
    1. The name of the staff member requesting time off.
    2. When the request was submitted.
    3. The dates and times of the time off request.
    4. The category of time off being requested.
    5. Any notes provided by the staff member.
    6. Whether or not there are any scheduling conflicts with the requested date.
    7. The user's direct supervisor (if one has been assigned).

Viewing time off requests under the Time Off Approvals tab

Approving or denying time off requests

Use the options in the Action column to approve or deny the request. The requesting staff member will receive an email notification with your decision. 

  1. To approve a request: click the Approve button in the Action column.
    • If you want to provide a reason to the employee for the approval, click on the caret () and select Approve with Reason.

The Approve button

  1. To deny a request: click the Deny button in the Action column.
    • If you want to provide a reason to the employee for the denial, click on the caret () and select Deny with Reason.

The Deny button

  1. LibStaffer will alert you if the user is already on the schedule. If you mouse of the Scheduled Already alert, a popover will appear listing all of the shifts that will be affected by the time off.

A Potential Conflicts alert

  1. To edit a request: click the Edit Time Off button in the Action column to edit the request.
    • Saving an edited request does not approve or deny the original request. Once an edit has been made, you must still approve or deny the request.
    • The Edit Time Off window will also include the ApproveDeny, and History options.
    • To delete a request, click on the Delete Time Off button.

The Edit Time Off button and window

  1. To view that staff member's time off history, click on the History button. This will show all time off events submitted by that staff member, including:
    • The date and time the each time off event was submitted
    • Each time off event's From and To dates & times
    • The category of each time off event
    • Notes submitted with each event
    • Whether each time off event was approved, by whom, and the reason it was approved/denied

The History button and window

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