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Splitting a shift

If enabled for your schedule, you will have the option of splitting an assigned shift. This can be helpful, for example, if you can only work part of a shift and need to swap or give up the other portion. When you split a shift, you will be able to choose the duration for each part (e.g. if you have a 3 hour shift, you could split it into a 2 hour shift and a 1 hour shift). Once split, you can then swap or give up just the portion you need.

Split a shift

  1. From your LibStaffer homepage, locate the shift you want to swap in your My Upcoming Shifts list.
  2. Click on the Split button.
    • Don't see this button? Then your schedule admin has not enabled shift splitting for your schedule.
  3. In the Split Shift window, select the new end time for the first of the two shifts. The times for the second shift will be automatically calculated.
  4. Click the Split Shift button.
    • The shift will be split in two based upon your selected times.
    • You will remain assigned to both portions until you either give up or swap one or both.

Locating an upcoming shift

Splitting a shift

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