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Accounts & Integrations: Enable LibCal Appointments sync for user accounts

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The LibCal Appointments sync setting syncs appointments booked via LibCal Appointments with LibStaffer. If enabled, appointments booked via Appointments will mark the user as unavailable to work at that time in LibStaffer. When this integration is enabled, it will not remove the user from shifts that have already been assigned.

Enable LibCal sync by default for all account holders

LibStaffer admins can choose to enable this setting by default for all account holders by taking the following steps:

  1. Click on Admin > System Settings from the command bar.
Navigating to the System Settings page
  1. Under the System Settings tab, go to the LibCal Synchronization box.
  2. From the Toggle LibCal Sync on for All Account Holders dropdown, select Enabled to turn on LibCal Sync for all accounts (both existing and new). Otherwise, select Disabled to require users to turn this on manually.
    • When enabled, individual users can still turn sync off in their personal account settings.
    • When disabled, newly-created users will not have this enabled by default. However, this will not turn off the setting for existing accounts who currently have it enabled. Individual users can still turn sync on or off in their personal account settings.
  3. Click the Save button to apply the setting.
The LibCal Synchronization setting

Change a user's LibCal Appointments sync

  1. Go to Admin > Accounts.
Navigating to the Manage Accounts page
  1. Under the Manage Accounts tab, click on the Edit () icon in the Actions column for the user you want to edit.
Editing a user account
  1. Click on the Calendar Sync tab. 
  2. In the LibCal Sync box, toggle the LibCal Appointments Sync option to Enabled.
Changing a user's LibCal appointments sync option