Creating a public calendar widget for a schedule

Every schedule that has been set up includes an option to create an iframe-based calendar widget for the schedule that can be embedded on any webpage.  And any number of widgets can be created and customized for a schedule. These widgets will display a read-only version of the schedule -- edits to a schedule must be made from within LibStaffer.

Please be aware that when you add a schedule's widget to a webpage, anyone that can access that page can view the schedule.

Please note: if the Schedule Access for a schedule has been set to "Users must be logged in," widgets for it are disabled. A schedule must be set to "No login required" for widgets to be available.

To create a widget for a schedule:

  1. From the command bar, go to Admin > Schedules Settings.
  2. On the Manage Schedules page, click the Edit Schedule () icon for the schedule you want to create a widget for.

modifying a schedule's settings step 1

  1. Go to the Widgets tab to customize the display of the widget. Any changes that are made will display automatically in the Preview of the widget.
    1. Width of Widget: The width of the widget that will show when embedded into the host page.
    2. Height of Widget:  The height of the widget that will show when embedded into the host page.
    3. Width of Border: The width of the widget border in pixels.
    4. Border Color: The color the border around the widget will be drawn.
    5. Default View: The default view the calendar loads initially. Choose from: Day, Day List, Week, or Month.
  2. Copy the code for the widget from the Embed Code field and add it to your webpage.

creating a schedule's widget step 2

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