Viewing a schedule's public calendar

Every schedule includes an option to set a friendly URL that will create a public calendar page -- a page that allows you to view the schedule without logging into LibStaffer --  for the schedule, as well as options to create iframe-based calendar widgets for the schedule that can be embedded on any webpage.  However, if the Schedule Access for a schedule has been set to "Users must be logged in," then you have to sign into LibStaffer before being able to view a schedule's public calendar page.

Admins, and regular-level users that have been elevated to schedule admins, can set/view the friendly URL for a schedule and control access to it from Admin > Schedules Settings > Edit Schedule > Schedules Settings tab.

If a friendly URL has been set for a schedule, the syntax follows:

Public calendar page example

Note: anyone that knows a schedule's friendly URL can view the full details of that schedule when the Schedule Access is set to "No login required."

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