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How do I change my account password?

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We all forget sometimes or decide we want to use a different, more secure password. And let's be honest, you might change several passwords at once and then think... wait, what was that one again? Well, we've got you covered, whether you remember your current password or not.

P.S. You can also ask a LibApps Admin at your institution to change it for you! They can do so by going to LibApps > Admin > Manage Accounts > edit icon for your account.

I remember my password and want to change it:

Starting from any of your Springshare apps...

  1. Log in, then click the blue menu at the top left of the screen & choose LibApps
    Click your email address in the top right corner of the screen, which will bring you to LibApps.
  2. Click My Account in the orange command bar, if you weren't brought there directly.
  3. Enter your new password in both the Password & Confirm Pass fields.
    ​New password must:
    • be at least 8 characters long;
    • contain at least one number or symbol.
  4. Add your current password to the last text box.
    This is a security measure that authorizes changes to your account, including password changes.
  5. Click Save.

Changing your password

I forgot my password and want to reset it:

Starting from any of your Springshare apps...

  1. Click the Login to LibApps link at the bottom of any page of any Springshare app.
    • Check the header of the login page to make sure you're logging into your site.
    • For example, if you see Springshare Training or Springshare Support, that's one of our systems, so you won't have an account in it.
  2. On the login page, click the Reset Password? link just below the "Log Into LibApps" button.

A LibApps login page

  1. Enter the email address you use to log into your Springshare apps & click Reset Password.
    • The email must match an account in the system, otherwise, you'll get an error.
    • So if your institution allows for various aliases, please be sure you enter the version of your email address used in the Springshare system.
  2. Select the I'm not a robot checkbox to validate the reCAPTCHA.
  3. Click the Reset Password button.
  4. Check your email, remember to also check junk mail/spam folders if you don't see it in your inbox, and click the link to enter a new password. Your new password must:
    • Be at least 8 characters long.
    • Contain at least one number or symbol.

Request a password reset email